About Us

We have developed our online estimating pricing model from the thousands of repairs we had done for our commercial customers and their service drive customers (Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Porsche North, Toyota, Carmax and others). Dealers never file claims to repair the thousands of used and new (damaged) cars they buy and sell. From that experience this tool was born, and is now available to anyone with no charge and no commitment.

We also developed a tiered labor rate model for CCC estimating software so that we could offer tiered rate insurance repairs and were able to lower the repair costs for a large insurer on each repair on their Direct Repair Program. By aligning the labor rate to the skill required we were able to pay higher wages for activities that should be paid more like cutting/welding while reducing the rates for menial tasks like taping emblems. By employing apprentices for the lower skilled tasks we increased our throughput dramatically, supported our profit margins and provided our technicians above average wages. We were able to pay our technicians and their apprentices through the standard CCC payroll interfaces with clever design. Alas, the volume to support the model never materialized from the insurer. We certainly are not the first bodyshop to face that problem.

We have tens of thousands of estimates written every month from users all over the world with our estimating tool and would be interested in your comments or suggestions if you would like to provide them by clicking "Contact Us" above.